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Altrive® Deer Farm - Early Years & Farmhouse

SINCE 1985

1918 Geoff Elder's Grandparents [James and Euphemia (Effie) Elder] purchased the 'Altrive' Farm

1979 Geoff Elder took over the family sheep stud farm.
1985 Geoff bought his first deer stags & hinds and started recording herd data.
1987 Geoff started keeping 2 year old stags that cut a minimum of 1.2kg of velvet.
2006 3yr deer stags had an great average velvet weight of 4.70kg.
2008 Geoff first tested & profiled the DNA of all of Altrive’s sires (stags), hinds and their progeny.
2009 Was Altrive® Red Deer Farm's first great year of recognition when Altrive® won THREE NATIONAL AWARDS in the NZ Annual National Velvet & Trophy Antler Competition. (read more about Altrive® national awards)
2015 3yr stags reached an impressive average velvet weight of 6.20kg.
4yr and older stags had an average velvet weight of 9.41kg SS.
2017 2 year old stags retained reached an average weight of 4.8kg (a 4 fold increase on 1987)
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Altrive Elite Deer Stud

Today Altrive® is a leading deer stud specialist, breeding 'ELITE' deer at the top tier & supplying progeny to the large farms (multiplier herds) and smaller scale farms (commercial herds).

Altrive® Red Deer Farm sells superb deer stags, hinds & sperm bred from Altrive award winning stags which are renown for their superior DNA traits, such as large, perfect shape, high quality deer velvet antler.